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Batu Opal Kalimaya Bunglon

Quantity Order: Add to Basket
Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Pack. & Delivery:kotak plastik di dalam paket
Origin:South Africa
Specification:Type: Opal / Kalimaya
Origin: Africa
Size: about 12 x 9 x 5 mm
A flash of color: Green, Blue, Orange, and other shades
Once a good eye for the Ring
Price: IDR 350.000

Opal has a reputation as a stone believed to increase mental capacities such as creative imagination and the mind. This stone is also associated with the assimilation of protein, insulin regulation, the function of the pineal gland, relieves Parkinson' s disease, testicular and strengthen memory.

Others say that Opal / Kalimaya used to see the possibility, helping a person has the capacity to share love and to improve the psychological stability. The Arabs believed that opals fell from heaven as a lot of lightning, from that Opal got a fiery color.

Opal is considered as an ancient symbol of honesty and confidence. Opal was very powerful in ritual magic. Because the quality Opal contains all the colors of birthstones, can be used or filled with energy and strength from a combination of all birthstones, also used to replace other birthstones mentioned in spells, rituals or other purposes of magic.

Opal is often associated with the virtual nature and astral projection, also used to recall past lives ( each color represents a life from the past) . Opal has the ability to heal, especially to increase mental capacities such as creative imagination, the power of other thoughts that have not been used so far. In terms of health Opal is believed to assist in the assimilation of protein.

Fire Opal is often used in fundraising activities for the needy, usually worn as a pendant with a necklace of gold, surrounded by 10-12 Diamond, believed to have the power to raise money is superb.

Black Opal is the tool of choice witch / magic, used to increase the acceptance of magic / magic them and also highlight their strengths. Black opals worn near the heart as a necklace made of gold and is said to cast out demons, protect people from the evil eye, protecting the wanderer on his way to a distant place. Black Opal is highly esteemed as a stone brings good luck.

Opal has also been used as a magic potion to heal the body, drive out bad dreams and as a means to increase energy. White opal that is used in the ritual when the full moon night, is said to bring the power of the Goddess of the Moon to the achievement of one' s expectations.

Opal is very appreciated in the Middle Ages, referred to as " ophthalmios " or " Stone Eye, " due to the widespread belief that Opal is useful for sensory and cure diseases of the eye. Berrambut blonde woman wearing a necklace Opal to protect from the loss of their hair color.

Opal is a chameleon as the name is said to help the wearer out of the problems, of course with the permission of God. Energy in the opal chameleon is good for politicians, businessmen and traders who are strapped finances, the legal debate, and trying to escape from the shackles of legal cases or other issues.

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